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Gateway Literary Press accepts manuscript proposals for full-length short story collections during the month of November each year.  Typical response to samples is in January, with decisions on full manuscripts in March or April.

The Gateway Review accepts single poem, essay, and short story submissions from July to September each year, with publication in late October/early November.

Please see specific categories for guidelines.  During a specific period, please only submit in a single category.  Exception is made for our flash fiction contest; writers may submit to another category as well as the contest.

ENG 203 is a publishing practicum at St. Charles Community College in Missouri. Below, student writer-editors have posted calls for submissions for anthology projects they are creating throughout the semester. Each student writer-editor has selected a theme or lens and set their own parameters for submission. Unless otherwise noted, compensation for contribution to these projects will be a copy of the final work.

Answer the Call!
Good day to all future authors, this is your chance to be the one who’s name will shine
across St. Louis county. I am looking for fiction writers who are unsure where to begin in the world
of publishing. Have an adventure story or a novel with some brutal action? Then you have
come to the right place. Submit your works to this email address; (
● Will accept stories from Fantasy, Sci-fi, Dystopian, History, Alternate History and
similar genres.
● Length of pieces can go from 10-100 pages or 2,000-35,000 words, can accept work
between 1 and double spaced but must be within the limit in 1.5 spaced. We will accept
up to two pieces if the length of the story does not exceed 20 pages, but only one will be
chosen out of the two submitted in the final.
● Will not accept drama focused stories, romanticized manuscripts, items that focus on
graphic material such as self-harm, depression, suicide, abuse both physical and
sexual, and favor of harm towards animals, and stories that invoke messages of hate
crime, prejudice, racism, sexism, and any crimes against humanity.
● Will accept works that have been published before but that have not been published
with us.
● Deadline will be no later than March 31st; Will receive feedback between end of deadline
to May 10th.
● Cover Letter is not required but it is recommended so we can find out who you are
(pronouns you would like to go by), how we should contact you, and any writing
experience you may have.
● No entry fee; payment is Contributor Copy. Rights: One-Print rights

Tropical & Diabolical
I’ll be taking calls for an anthology that fits snuggly into the ‘trouble in paradise’
aesthetic. The title I’ve come up with relates to murder or high-profile crime in unassuming
locations, fashions, and circumstances. High profile crime could encompass heists, embezzling,
or blackmailing. This means the anthology will carry a dual murder/mystery and dark-comedy
connotation. While these parameters aren’t staunch, I want there to be a sense of morbid nature
or curiosity playing off a laid-back setting. There needs to be a clear juxtaposition involving the
humor/absurdity of a murder or crime committed in places meant for rest & relaxation. The call
for submission will not accept works including the ‘victim/murderer had a secret twin all along
who conveniently was switched out’ to fill in plot holes. Other than that, everything else is fair
The genre requested for this call is fiction, but could also incorporate historical fiction as
an added challenge. Soft sci-fi elements are permitted, as long as they are relatively explainable
and overall relevant to the plot. One film writer who successfully incorporates sci-fi into mystery
is Andy Siara, whose work includes the Peacock tv series The Resort and Hulu movie Palm
Springs. Other movies containing the inspiration for these tropes include A Perfect Getaway
(2009), Weekend at Bernie’s (1989), and Old (2021). You are not limited to viewing or even
borrowing from these, it’s just intended as a jumping off point. As far as literary examples go, I
believe Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game precisely illustrates the balance struck in
this genre.
Simultaneous submissions will not be allowed but multiple submissions is perfectly fine.
Just make sure multiple submissions are the same caliber when it comes to quality. Submissions
should be double spaced and between 3-6 pages in length. You can submit via email to: Previously published submissions are prohibited from
entering. Authors will submit via email no later than March 31st if they’re to be considered.
Responses will take between 2-4 weeks. Cover letters and short third person biographies are
mandatory for submissions. Payment includes one copy of the anthology.

Call for Submissions
See Me
We are looking for poetry, flash fiction, and short stories focusing on a main
character with any physical disability (whether visible or invisible). Our hope is to create
an anthology featuring a variety of disabilities. We hope when people read it, they learn
something new, and they better understand their peers, friends, or family members with a
disability. We are looking for free verse poetry, flash fiction, and short stories that are
fiction, fantasy, or creative nonfiction. Your work can be either character-focused or plot-
focused as long as there’s still a focus on the disability. Please do not submit sexually
explicit content (think rated PG).
Submissions are accepted through MARCH 31st, 2023.
Expect a response by APRIL 30th, 2023.
Estimated projected release date: TBD
Form/Content Limit
● Poetry: no more than two pages
● Flash fiction: 1,000 words or under (double-spaced)
● Short Story: 3,000 words or under (double-spaced)
● fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, adventure, drama, romance, and creative
○ Avoid submitting: science fiction, horror, western
Simultaneous submissions—yes.
Multiple submissions—yes; poems- max 4, flash fiction- max 3, short stories- max 2.
Previously published—yes.
Rights- Requesting one-time rights
Pay- One contributor copy
Additional Requests:
Language- English
Please include a short biography about yourself written in third person POV. Have fun
with it. Share about yourself, and share anything you want about your work.
Include the word count, and include a mailing address (in case your work is selected).
Send submissions to (Feel free to email any questions you have)

Female writers and artists aged 7-14
Inclusion in the published anthology and one free copy
Women’s voices are among the most insightful and profound. In their younger years, though,
girls’ self-confidence has been shown to take a nose dive much more dramatic than their male
As an aspiring female author who has found profound meaning in the pursuit of writing, one
reason I turned to this path was the knowledge that I had been published before—as a child. My
poetry had been selected for publication in anthologies, and my short story work earned me
inclusion in a children’s writing workshop at a local university.
It is my belief that, during the formative young to early teenage years, selection for publication
may help cement a certain confidence in young women with a gift for words. I hope that, as the
challenges of life assail them, they remember they have the ability to craft literary beauty. I hope
this will serve as a silk thread forming their chrysalis that enables and empowers them to emerge
and take flight as only they can.
To empower the next generation of female creatives, Chrysalis is seeking fiction, essays, poetry,
and cover art submissions for publication in our anthology. We are seeking well-crafted plots,
descriptive and figurative language, and original ideas. Artwork should be an original take on a
butterfly or chrysalis theme. Submitters should avoid flat language and derivative/repeated
(cheesy) stories or themes.
Submission Guidelines:
 Include the author’s name, title, and category on the first page of each written submission,
or in the body of the email for artwork submissions.
 Fiction and essays should be 3,000 words or less, double-spaced, in 12-pt Times New
Roman font.
 Poetry should be no more than 2 pages per poem, single-spaced, in 12-pt Times New
Roman font. Preference will be given to poems that do not use an AABB rhyme scheme.
 Please keep in mind that artwork will be on a vertical cover with dimensions of 5” by 7”.
 Please include mailing address and a short third-person bio with name, age, grade, and an
interesting personal detail or two in the body of the email.
 One email per submitter. Each submitter may enter up to 3 pieces in any combination of
categories, attached as Word documents or as .jpg, .png, or .tiff (for artwork).
 No simultaneous submissions (do not send the same work to other publishers at the same
 Chrysalis requests first print rights (do not submit previously published work).
 Email all submissions to: by March 31, 2023.
 Those selected will be notified by April 19, 2023.

The Freak
What We’re Looking For
Our publishers are open to all genres of writing, as long as the story holds a deep human aspect.
Despite the theme our name might support, we’re looking for stories that, no matter the setting or
placement, explore what it means to be a human being. Whether that’s a scientist aching for
home on a distant planet, a wizard slaying a dragon for a princess he barely knows, or a man
exploring the future of his Office Max job, all of these experiences can expose the depth of a
person’s emotions and mind. In writing, we’re able to see the insides and complexities of those
We take both poetry and prose pieces. Poetry is preferred to be free-verse, no longer than four
pages, and focus on an internal monologue type of theme. Prose pieces can vary between page
amount, the word limit being a soft cap of around 10,000 words. Prose pieces should dig deep
into the minds of your characters and their experiences you’re writing about. Plenty of dialogue
between the characters is appreciated and admired.
Submission Guidelines
● Poetry submissions should be free-verse style and no longer than four. Pages all should
be single-spaced. You can submit up to two poems. Any genre is acceptable as long as it
follows the themes presented above.
● Prose pieces should be between 5,000 to 10,000 words and double-spaced. You can
submit one prose piece. Any genre is acceptable as long as it follows the themes
presented above.
● We’re pretty open to any plots that your stories might take but would prefer to stray from
certain cliches that the human experience can take in writing. This includes but is not
limited to: a romance where one or both die at the end (or one IS dying), coming-of-age
stories, or enemies to lovers. If you absolutely have to write about any of these things, do
your best to stray from the trope as much as possible.
● A short bio should be submitted with your pieces, around 50 to 100 words. This should
be submitted along with a reachable address. No cover letter is required, but you may
submit one if you choose to.
● Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but will need to be retracted from other contests
if your piece is chosen by (name of press). We do not accept previously published
Pieces must be submitted by March 25th to We will return with the
selected pieces no later than April 19th and the winners will receive a contributor copy for their
submission selection.
At The Freak, we ask for first-time rights over any selected pieces. After our publication, the
rights return to you. If you have any questions please email

Tales for the Lost Souls

Calling for any and all writers interested in the dark, gothic, and macbre. We’re looking for literature and visual pieces that have an eerie and dark air to them. These submissions can be anything from ghost stories to horror legends, so long as they are grim or frightening. Stories should focus mainly on plot, though some lurid description is heavily encouraged. Author’s and creator’s styles you can use as a guideline include The Brothers Grimm, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King and Tim Burton. Please do NOT send in horror tropes such as: creepy children, clowns, and possessed dolls.

What we are accepting:

  • Poetry –
    • Up to 3 submissions per person
    • Max 3 pages per poem

  • Fiction –
    • Up to 1 submission per person
    • Max 10 pages
    • Double spaced with max word count of 5,000 words

  • Flash Fiction –
    • Up to 1 submission per person
    • Max 3 pages
    • Double space with max word count of 1,000 words

  • Guidelines
    • Accepting multiple submissions, however don’t blend genres. Pick only one genre to submit from.Please submit your literature piece(s) as either a PDF or Google Doc if possible.Please submit your visual art pieces as either a PNG or JPEG.Please submit by email to and submit by no later than March 31st, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.
    • No cover letter is needed, however if you would like to submit a biography of yourself in the 3rd person, we will include your biography in the final draft of the anthology.

  • Response
    • You will hear back from us within 2 weeks of submitting your piece, by April 14th at the latest.

  • Rights and Payment
    • You will receive one-time rights to any piece used in the final draft.
    • Your payment will be 1 contributor copy of the final draft.

  • Other Requests
    • Please send submissions in Book Antiqua font, size 12, double spaced.

Submissions for LGBTQ+ realism
Looking for fiction stories that revolve around queer characters. I am working on an
anthology of LGBTQ+ stories that create an essence of the queer experience. Whether it is the
good or the bad parts of queer life, I just want it to be realistic. These stories can involve
romance, heartbreak, loneliness, acceptance, empowerment, or even comedy. My goal is open up
some more room for representation for the LGBTQ+ community. Authors do not have to be
LGBTQ+, but stories have to be around queer characters.
Submission Details
● Queer realistic fiction, double-spaced sized 12, Times New Roman
● Word count: 1,000 to 8,000 words
● Will not accept non-realistic stories which include genres: sci-fi, fantasy,
supernatural fiction, etc.
● Will accept both simultaneous and multiple submissions(3 max from one author)
● No previously published works
● All submissions will be responded to after the deadline
What to Send and Where to Send Submissions
● Email to
● Deadline: March 31, 2023
● Send a cover letter with a biography in the third person, pronouns, word count of
the story, and mailing address
● Authors will receive 1 contributor copy and will be one-time rights

Call for Submissions for Be/Be With
Be/Be With is looking for short stories and long form poetry about queer identity and the
awkwardness that comes with figuring out your sexuality. Submissions don’t need to be entirely
focused around queer self-discovery but must at least involve it in some way. For an example of
what thematic choices this anthology seeks to feature, Richard Siken’s poetry does an excellent
job of capturing what we’re looking for.
● Any genres accepted; from romance to horror, we’ll take it
● Both fiction and nonfiction accepted; word limit is 1,000-5,000 for prose
● Poetry accepted, but preference is given to more long form works (around 2-4 pages)
● Multiple submissions allowed for poetry only–maximum 3 poems
● We accepted both simultaneous submissions and previously published work
● Submissions must be double spaced and in 12pt font
The submission window closes March 31st, 2023 at 11:59pm. Please submit your work as an
attachment via email to Along with your
submission, please include a short, third person bio in the body of your email. Each contributor
will receive a free copy of the final anthology.

Crimes of the Future is open for submissions!

At Crimes of the Future, we seek imaginative works that go beyond the realm of what is generally understood. Lucid and nauseating descriptions of your own conjured concepts of reality is wanted. Things that can be explained in a matter of a couple sentences is a harder sell for us. We want you to tap into the metaphysical nature of life and confuse us with your own ideals. Similarly, this can involve potential advancements in technology that few have thought of. Think of writers like Jorge Luis Borges for his otherworldly concepts, Shirley Jackson for her manipulation of reality and misdirection, and Ray Bradbury for seeing potential horrors in technology as good measures for what we desire here.

Genre & Formatting

  • We are accepting fiction within the 1,000-5,000-word range. There are no strict formatting guidelines; just try to make it look nice.


  • We do not accept:
    • Flash-fiction
    • Stories promoting bigotry.
    • Full-blown comedies (light comedy is fine)
    • Erotica

Submission Info

  • We accept simultaneous, multiple, and previously published submissions.
  • You can send your writing to until March 31st of 2023. Cover letters are not required.

Response Time & Payment

  • We plan to respond to submissions by April 19th at the latest.
  • The only right we request is a one-time right. And your payment will be 1 contributor copy.

Just Sexy Monsters!

Calling all fantasy romance writers! Just Sexy Monsters is open for submissions for its spring 2023 anthology. Submit up to 3 of your screenplays, short stories, or novels that contain any or all of the following: attractive vampires, ghosts, gods/goddesses, angels, demons, aliens, or fantastical creatures to by 11:59 on March 31st. Think J.R. Ward, Sarah J. Mass, etc.

  • Only fantasy romance, urban fantasy romance, or science fiction romance submissions containing an attractive monster main character or love interest will be considered for publication.
  • Stories may include sexual content, but this cannot be the main plotline.
  • Submissions containing necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality, or non-consentual sexual content will not be considered for publication.
  • Hard-hitting messages (i.e. sexual assault, addiction) should be avoided.
  • Works that have been professionally published previously will not be considered, the Just Sexy Monsters Writing Competition reserves first use rights of selected submissions.
  • You may submit up to three of the following: screenplays between 20 and 200 pages, short stories between 1,000 and 10,000 words, or complete novels under 300 pages by 11:59 on March 31st. One writer may have multiple works published in the anthology.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but if chosen by multiple publishers at the same time, the writer must withdraw one of the entries.
  • Cover letters and blind submissions are allowed but not necessary.
  • Submitters will be notified about a decision by April 20th.
  • Each featured writer will receive one contributor copy of the completed anthology.

For further questions, please email the editor at

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We accept and print single full-page, black and white advertisements for literary journals and presses, and we accept them year-round.  Submit here if you would like to run an advertisement in two issues, at a slightly reduced price.  Please submit either a Word Document (.doc) or JPG.
We accept and print single full-page, black and white advertisements for literary journals and presses, and we accept them year-round.  Submit here if you would like to run an advertisement in a single issue.  Please submit either a Word Document (.doc) or JPG.
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