Submissions may be made in two categories: traditional and expedited response.  Traditional submissions are free of charge, and will receive a response in about three months, typically after our closing date for submissions.  These responses, due to the number of submissions, will be “general” replies—a fairly simple yes or no as far as acceptance is concerned.  For a $3 fee, expedited submissions will receive a response in no more than one month from submission date.  

Although we will not be able to always provide specific feedback, we will attempt to do so when we can.

We seek works that fit in some way within the magical realist, fabulist, or surrealist tradition—think writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez (One Hundred Years of Solitude), Jorge Luis Borges (“The Library of Babel,” “The Aleph,” etc.), Isabel Allende (The House of the Spirits), and contemporary writers such as Jeanette Winterson, Kate Bernheimer, and Alissa Nutting.  Although we have no specific aesthetic sensibilities that guide our selection process, the most successful stories will blend the magical and the real in some way to lead to some truth about the human condition, all while being attentive to the possibilities of the English language.

Please only submit one short story of no more than 4,000 words.  Works longer than 4,000 words will be rejected immediately.  We only accept flash fiction during our fall contest period, so submissions that are under 1,000 words will also be rejected without consideration.

As far as formatting goes, please follow industry standards: contact information on the first page along with word count, with your last name and page numbers on subsequent pages.  No frills please—fancy borders and colored and non-traditional fonts will do nothing but draw negative attention to your work; 12-point Times New Roman is always a good way to go.  Please double-space prose.

Please include a brief cover letter on the Submittable site, but do not do so in your actual manuscript.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please withdraw your work through Submittable if it is accepted elsewhere (and please note that you are submitting simultaneously in your cover letter).   There is no worse feeling that accepting a piece only to have it withdrawn after we have done so.  While withdrawing a piece before we’ve responded will yield our congratulations, finding out after we’ve tried to accept work will result in angry fist-shaking (and we will also be rather unlikely to accept your work in the future).

We do not accept previously published work (including your personal blog).  We ask for First North American Serial rights, and all copyright remains with the author; we simply ask that, should your work be published again elsewhere that The Gateway Review be acknowledged as the original publisher.

We may, on occasion, ask a contributor or two to allow us to include their work on our website (in addition to its inclusion in the print journal), but we will discuss that individually as the situation dictates.  

Contributors will receive one contributor copy of the issue in which their work appears, and one Editor's Choice piece receives a small honorarium of $15.

Cover Art

We are seeking original art for our cover.  We accept photographic or original art that has been scanned and submitted as a jpeg.  Please submit only one piece at a time, via our Submittable site.

For $30, you will receive our annual literary journal for two years, plus one book published each year.  This subscription is good for two full years.

We accept and print single full-page, black and white advertisements for literary journals and presses, and we accept them year-round.  Submit here if you would like to run an advertisement in two issues, at a slightly reduced price.  Please submit either a Word Document (.doc) or JPG.
We accept and print single full-page, black and white advertisements for literary journals and presses, and we accept them year-round.  Submit here if you would like to run an advertisement in a single issue.  Please submit either a Word Document (.doc) or JPG.
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